The LIFESTYLE Opportunity and attraction of Nusajaya

Nusajaya provides a very special and unique lifestyle and investment opportunity to those who live, do business, invest or even holiday in Singapore.   Singapore is a very small country, with limited land and increasing population.  Choices for homes on the island state are few and costly, with freehold land becoming exceedingly hard to come by.  Growing families have not had the opportunity they have in virtually every other major urban center in the world - the opportunityto move to a quieter, more peaceful suburb neighbourhood within easy commuting distance to the downtown core, to purchase a larger home and land.  Nusajaya has become that opportunity for those doing business in Singapore.  

What makes this “suburb” so unique compared to others, is that it is in a different country with much lower costs of living.  A paradox has been created unique to Singapore-Nusajaya; through purchasing property in Nusajaya, one can greatly INCREASE their standard of living whilst simultaneously DECREASING their cost of living.  EXHALE LUXURY VILLAS cost less than 1/10th of a similar home in Singapore.

Nusajaya has all of the amenities required for luxury family lifestyle.  High-class amenities (see details below) are minutes from your door and include world class schools, golf courses, theme parks, horseback riding, hiking, marina, shopping and restaurants - and of course Singapore at your doorstep.  Exhale villas are within gated and guarded communities assuring safety and peace of mind for the owners.  

Recently Singapore and Malaysia governments have jointly announced plans for an MRT from Singapore to Iskandar, as well as a high speed rail system from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, with a stop right in Nusajaya. The express ride from Singapore to KL will be within 90 minutes or up to about 2.5 hours including waiting time, transfers and immigration clearance.  In addition, Senai International Airport was recently upgraded and is only 30 minutes away.  Singapore’s own award winning Changi Airport is a mere 60 minutes away.


ISKANDAR is a 2,717 square kilometer economic development zone in the southern tip of Malaysia, at the border to Singapore.  With over 46.5 billion USD investment committed to date (37% being foreign), many are comparing the Iskandar-Singapore relationship to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and for good reason.  Separated by only 2 bridges, the new development zone has the full support of the Singapore government, with nearly 4 billion USD of committed investment from the island state.  

The focus of our development is in Nusajaya which is the business and lifestyle heart of Iskandar.  Often referred to as the “Jewel” of Iskandar, the township of Nusajaya lies only minutes from the border and 30-60 minutes commute to the two central business districts of Johor Bahru and Singapore.  Special incentives have been provided to businesses in the Education, Health Services, Tourism & Entertainment, Creative and Financial sectors.   As a result, in the last 7 years we have witnessed incredible growth in the area including the following notable projects related to lifestlye interests:


Marlborough College Malaysia                

Raffles American School                  

Newcastle, Southhampton,   

and Reading Universities                    


Columbia Hospital Asia

Gleneagles Hospital

Thompson Medical              




Legoland Malaysia

Pinewood Studios

Puteri Harbour

Hotels, Shopping and Restaurants


For detailed information on Iskandar, please click HERE.