The support of philanthropic values is integral to the EXHALE ethos, through programs that share our resources and talents to make lasting positive change in the local communities in which we do business.


Care Haven Orphanage

We are very happy to collaborate with Marlborough College Malaysia and Ideal City Design Group Canada to design and build the Care Haven Orphanage in Johor.    Exhale is providing full Architecture Services including project management, free of charge, as part of our philanthropic efforts to support the community in Malaysia. The orphanage and school will support 150 children, where they will learn important life skills through the Care Haven workshops, library, classrooms, computer labs and onsite gardens where produce and livestock will be raised. 


Sustainable Design

The design focuses largely on sustainability, reusing materials wherever possible.  This has the added benefit of maximizing the use of funds raised for the project.  Shipping Containers, already structurally sound, shall be reused to form the many rooms in the orphanage.  The design merges the industrial look of the containers with the warmth and delicacy of locally sourced woods such as bamboo.  To see the latest design images please visit HERE.


Giving Back

The project is ongoing, and funds will continue to be raised through MCM.  If you are interested in contributing to the project, or have need of design services for other charities, please contact us at